Hair Extensions

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Great Lengths hair extensions

Many women dream of long thick beautiful hair flowing down to their shoulders. Until now, few women have realized this dream because of the time, patience, and determination it takes to grow their hair. Today, however, this dream can become a reality not in years but within a few hours. It is possible to have longer, fuller, thicker hair within hours and without the time and patience required to grow it naturally. At Antoines Salon of Troy we've discovered a hair extension system like no other to give you the long hair you've always dreamed of

Extensions for thickening and lengthening hair, women’s dream come true.

Great Lengths created the first safe, long lasting hair extension application method. Twenty years ago we introduced the method of bonding between Great Lengths extension strands and the client’s hair. Since then we have made steps forward but the only thing that hasn’t changed is our acclaimed and renown professionalism. Our wide range of hair extensions offers many possibilities.
• Thick and long hair
• Intense and long lasting colors
• Quality extensions with healthy hair
• Invisible and comfortable bonds
• Safe and long lasting bonding with our innovative techniques

Only the Best Hair Used

Our hair extensions are easy to comb and care for. Tangles within the extensions can be avoided. Due to the multiple and meticulous selection of the hair all being of the same length, the hair stays smooth and falls naturally. Perfect wearing comfort is ensured due to the invisible, flat bonding applications. The high Great Lengths extension quality is the best premise for every popular styling method such as: blow-drying, straightening, curling, cutting, coloring, etc.

Quality hair thickening

Quality hair thickening for all styles is possible. A variety of colors and effects have been created for you by Great Lengths, the original.Natural volume. All women desire it.All women know what it stands for: confidence, attraction and joy of life. With Great Lengths, this is now possible.Artistic hair styling is always more sought after. Because of lack of volume, many creative ideas were limited and now with the possibility of thickening your hair, the sky is the limit. 

All styles are now possibleYou will now be able to decide whether to thicken your hair and lengthen it, add crazy colored strands or if you prefer pastel colors, blended or dual toned  colors.

Color Me Rad

Great Lengths provides more than 50 hair colors: these colors go from beautiful shinny dark brown shades to astonishing natural reds, black and natural looking blondes. Also a range of fashion colors are available. Glitter strands with little Swarovski crystals make great highlights.

Get inspired!Rich, dark colors, whose brilliance gives each hairstyle a special touch. Mellow tints, which conjure up a special luster in the hair, are ideal for the creation of harmonious landscapes of color as our Two-tone strands with the 2-color-effect extensions in one create interesting contrasts, intense and spectacular effects Hair extensions – for the hairstyle that’s somewhat different.